About Us

biz2u.com.my 打造一个整合商机资源与资讯,建立人脉与开拓商谊的多功能电子商务网站,为马来西亚中小企业开创电子商务新赢利的模式。

电子商务是这个时代企业发展所不可回避的因素,它已被视为时代发展赋予企业的优势手段。biz2u.com.my 将打破“虚拟 与现实的界限,创造高度互动和无疆界的跨媒体合作模式。

biz2u.com.my 相信电子商务一定会成为马来西亚的主流市场活动,更誓言成为马来西亚最有影响力,机制完整,功能齐备,紧接国际趋势的马来西亚首选电子商务

biz2u.com.my is a multi-functional e-commerce website, integrating resources and information on business opportunities. By helping our clients expanding their contacts and establishing business relationship, we created a new profitable model for Malaysian SMEs.

E-commerce is an unavoidable trend in this era of enterprise development. It has been regarded as the advantages given to businesses at current times. biz2u.com.my will break the boundaries between virtual and reality by creating a highly interactive and cross-media collaboration model.

biz2u.com.my believes that e-commerce will become the mainstream in Malaysia market activities. By following closely with the international tendency, we vowed to become Malaysia’s most preferred and influential full-featured e-commerce platform with complete system integrity.